Style & Craftsmanship

Luxury Kitchens

Our company was founded some years ago out of a successful and highly respected boat-building business so our approach to designing kitchens is very rooted in proper craftsmanship with fastidious attention to detail and a healthy appetite for the very best materials at a fair price.

Luxury Furniture

Designing, building and installing high quality bespoke furniture is to us an art form. No two projects are ever the same and from traditional manor house gun cabinets, secret doorways, staircases, dressing rooms, libraries to contemporary futuristic designs, we have seen it all.

Designer Range

Whilst our Clients always have clear ideas of what they want to achieve, some like the idea of trusting in our creativity to deliver unique designs pehaps with a particular focus. A showpiece kitchen or an original furniture installation by Tom Coleman or one commissioned by your chosen designer.

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