Our Customers

The people who commission us to design and build bespoke furniture are mostly the sort of people who won’t settle for anything ordinary. From dressing rooms for celebrities or dignatories, to bookcases with secret doorways, Monkeywood is their go to choice.

Luxury Furniture

Over the years we have been commissioned to build some extraordinary furniture. From the challenging environments of boats to the wine cellars of old manor houses, our cabinet makers have decades of experience and a fastidious attention to detail. Tell us your dreams and we’ll help make them come true.

Traditional & Modern Luxury

Whether it is a kitchen, dining room, study or bedroom/ dressing room; Monkeywood has both the experience and empathy to deliver the very best in intricate cabinetry and furniture.

Dressing Rooms & Storage

There is nothing more satisfying to us than seeing a really elegant dressing room come together. We have been lucky enough to design and build some truly inspired examples in stunning homes.

Gun Cabinets, Secret Doors & Libraries

We enjoy all our work but the occasional request to build a secret room, gun-cabinet or an unusual library, say in a round tower or church conversion is something we relish. Perhaps we just like to show off every now and then.

Our Partners

We often work with an interesting range of partners and manufacturers like Sub-Zero and Wolf where our private or commercial clients are wanting elegant wine cellars or professional kitchens installed that require specialist housings.



We can take the tiniest seed of an idea and turn it into something fabulous. Our only limit is your imagination.


As with our kitchens, our cabinet makers are second to none. That and our boat building pedigree makes us unique.


Whether it is a circular bookcase, a hidden walk in wardrobe or a custome made gun cabinet we can help.


Years after you commission your furniture we will still be on hand to keep it looking as new as the day it was born.

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